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Client Success Stories

See what other peoples' experiences have been with us and how we've been able to help them.

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How We Helped a Single Mom Who Couldn't Keep Up Her Debt Payments





Linda, a single mom, couldn't keep up her monthly debt payments after seeing her income cut in half. Click on the video to see her story, and see how she paid off her debt with help from the Credit Counselling Society. You can also see more of Linda's story by clicking here.

Our Clients Interviewed on Global TV and CTV News

From time to time, the news media interviews some of our clients who are comfortable sharing their story publicly. Below are two of our clients who were interviewed about their experience with the Credit Counselling Society.



Global News interviews Julia Fletcher after she pays off $10,000 in debt interest free due to help from the Credit Counselling Society. Watch the segment


CTV News shows how Dan Robinson paid off $30,000 in debt with the help of the Credit Counselling Society. See his story

She Never Thought She'd See the End of Her Debt ... Until She Spoke with Us




When Loreena realized that her debt had grown to be too much and she wouldn’t be able to pay it off within a reasonable time frame, she turned to the Credit Counselling Society for help. See her share her story (someone in the community who wants to help us reach out to more people kindly created this video for us as part of a project she was working on).

Your Story Can Have a Good Ending Too

people-helping-each-other.jpgNo matter how hopeless your situation may see, we can probably help you. A lot of people think there situation is so bad there is nothing anyone can do for them. The truth is that between financial difficulty and bankruptcy, there are a lot of options. Our Credit Counsellors specialize in helping people explore and uncover those options. They can help you too. They'll help you put together a realistic budget and then explore all your options based on what you can actually, realistically afford. They'll then help you put together a plan to get your finances back on track and get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

Give your story a happy ending and us a call today. Meeting with our highly trained Credit Counsellors is always free, completely confidential, and non-judgmental. Call us today at 1-855-232-4888 and get your finances back on track. You've honestly got nothing to lose but your debt.


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