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Credit Counselling Society Reviews from Around the Web

Facebook-Icon.jpgFacebook Reviews

So far over 300 of our clients have desided to say something about us on Facebook. As you can see, we're not perfect, but with 97% giving us either a 4 or 5 star rating, we're definitely making a big difference in people's lives.


Google-Icon.jpgGoogle Reviews

You'll also find nearly 500 reviews for the Credit Counselling Society on Google. The reviews are for each of our 23 offices in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Here is a brief sample of those reviews:


Yelp-Icon.jpgYelp Reviews

Almost 100 of our clients have reviewed our services on Yelp. Here's are some highlights of those reviews:


YellowPages-Icon.jpgYellowPages Reviews

Over 100 of our clients have rated us on YellowPages.ca too. Here are some of those reviews:



An amazing free resource! [My Counsellor] was of great help and opened my eyes to a lot of solutions and alternatives that I had no idea existed. He was very easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. I'm impressed with what I took away from the session, and will be back to start taking steps with the Credit Counselling Society.

Carrie H. Yelp Review

Yelp review from Carrie H.
We just finished four and a half years of Credit Counselling. At the beginning they took away the worry of phone calls from creditors, gave us a set amount to pay every month which then made it easier to budget monthly expenses. To begin with it was pretty tough to make the money stretch, but as time went on things definitely improved. A year or so in we got a secure credit card to help us regain our credit rating. This last month we paid our last payment to CCS, cleared our debt and our credit rating was good enough to get a mortgage. We can't thank CCS enough for helping us to change our lives for the better.

Alan H. Facebook Review


Our Clients Interviewed on Global TV and CTV News

From time to time, the news media will interview our clients who are comfortable sharing their story with others. Below are two examples of our clients that were interviewed about their experience with the Credit Counselling Society.


Global News interviews Julia Fletcher after she pays off $10,000 in debt interest free due to help from the Credit Counselling Society. Watch the segment


CTV News shows how Dan Robinson paid off $30,000 in debt with the help of the Credit Counselling Society. See his story

Expert and Regulatory Reviews

Consumers and the media aren't the only ones who review us. Our activities are reviewed from time to time by a number of recognized external organizations.review-by-regulator.jpg

  1. Every quarter, Credit Counselling Canada (CCC), Canada's largest non-profit credit counselling association, reviews many aspects of our services and activities.
  2. The National Foundation for Credit Counselling® (NFCC®), North America’s largest non-profit credit counselling organization, ensures the quality of all our services are reviewed by independant auditors once every four years.
  3. The consumer protection authority in each province we serve reviews important aspects of our activities annually.
  4. We are the only organization in our industry in Canada that opens up its books to review by an external auditor each year. Our volunteer Board of Directors then reviews this audit.
  5. The Better Business Bureau and the Canada Revenue Agency also review aspects of our services and activities from time to time.

While the above reviews don't appear to be as public as online reviews, they are every bit as real. If we failed to pass any of the above reviews, the results could become public in many ways: we could lose accreditations, licenses to operate, our charitable status, or have our volunteer board of directors take action. These reviews are very significant and clearly differentiate our organization from most others in our industry.

Accredited member of Credit Counselling Canada.
International affiliate of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.
Accredited as a charity with the Better Business Bureau.
Consumer Choice Award Logo Array 2011 to 2019

Over 50 Awards Received for Our Credit Counselling Service

No credit or debt counselling organization in Canada has won more awards for outstanding service than the Credit Counselling Society. Every year we win the Consumer Choice Award (which is the result of consumer surveys) in many cities across Canada, and we often win other awards such Great Place to Work awards for creating one of the best workplaces for our employees in Canada.

What's More Important than Great Reviews

people-helping-each-other.jpgAs wonderful as it is to receive awards and glowing reviews, that's not what's import to us. Our staff come to work every day because we love to help people. We love to help people in seemingly hopeless situations turn things around, learn the financial skills or gain the insights they need to succeed, and then see their lives fill with hope as they get their finances back on track and begin to accomplish their financial goals.

If you're struggling with your debts and need help, we'd love to help you. Give us a call today. We can help. Meeting with our accredited Credit Counsellors is always free, completely confidential, and non-judgmental. Call us today at 1-855-232-4888 and get your finances back on track. You've got nothing to lose but your debt.


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