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Types of Debt We Often Help People With

We can help in different ways with different kinds of debt. Below are types that we often help people with.

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How We Can Help You

If you're feeling stress over your debt or financial situation, you're not alone. A whole lot of other Canadians are too. The good news is that we can probably help you. People come to us all the time for help with their budget, help because they're struggling to make ends meet, help to get creditors off their back, help to get their finances back on track, and help to consolidate their debts. While we can't make any promises to you up-front, more often than not, we're typically able to find signifcant ways to help people resolve their financial challenges and get things headed in the right direction. If you're wondering if we can help you with the type of debt that you have, click on any of the debt types below to learn more about how we can help with each one of these.

Different Types of Debt We Can Help With

Below are nine different kinds of debt we help people with on a regular basis. Click on any of the debt types below to learn what kind of help we can offer to you.


Credit Card Debt

If your credit card debt has really grown and you're struggling to keep up your payments, there are potentially at least 6 ways you can turn things around. Learn more

Student Debt

If your student loans combined with other debts and living expenses are a constant struggle, we can most likely help you. See how we can help

Medical Debt

If you've been saddled with medical debt that's difficult for you to pay, we may be able to help you sort things out and create a plan to get back on track. Find out more

Cellphone Debt

If you've got cellphone debt that's haunting you, we can help you put together a plan to get it dealt with as quickly as possible. Find out how we can help you

Payday Loans

If struggling to make ends meet and feel trapped in the payday loan cycle, we can help you. We can help you create a plan to fully pay all your bills each month plus get rid of the payday loan debt. Find out more


If you're looking to consolidate debt using equity in you home, make sure you consider all your options and avoid the common consolidation trap many people fall into. Learn more about this

Auto Loans

If you're struggling to make the payments on your vehicle loan or are even in danger of having your vehicle repossessed, we can help you. Find out more

Lines of Credit

If you've been relying on your your line of credit to pay the bills and stay afloat or perhaps it's just grown to a size you can never pay off any time soon, we can help you. Learn more

Utility Bills

If you're having problems with the gas or electric company and owe them money, we can help you get things resolved. Learn how we can help you

Tax Debt

Are you behind on your taxes and struggling with tax debt? Whatever your issue is along these lines, we'd be happy to see how we can help you. Learn more

Secured vs Unsecured Debt

If you're wondering if your debt is secured or unsecured or what is meant by these terms, you can find out here.

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counselling-couple-400px.jpgIf you are struggling or need help with any of your debts, we can help you look into all your options and see what might be able to help you. All you need to do is give us a call and you can speak with one of our Credit Counsellors. You can also meet with a Credit Counsellor in person at one of our offices, or you can just talk to them over the phone if that’s more convenient for you. They’ll help you put together a budget, explore all your options, and then help you create a plan to get out of debt and get your finances back on track as quickly as possible. Appointments with our Counsellors are always free, completely confidential, and non-judgmental. We’re simply here to help you. Give us a call at 1-855-232-4888.


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